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Frequently Given Answers

Why are you doing it?

We like chocolate and we think that everyone who has a hand in the production process should get a fair wage. We know that no fair trade scheme is perfect, but we like the premise and that they are actually doing something positive, so we are willing to give them our support. Hopefully as more people get involved the overall effect will be a positive one and flaws will be ironed out.

How can I support this venture?

First and foremost we need as many people to vote as possible so we can show that the project is something 'the people' care about. Vote yourself, pop it on the office circular, do a short presentation at cooking club, stand on Regent Street next to the 'Golf Sale This Way' guy and sign him up.

If you've done all you want to on the exposure front and just want to say 'hey guys, nice idea', then send all non-financial gifts (toys, cars, toy cars) to the Swerve office.

Where's my favourite bar?

The selection criteria for whether a bar was included on the site at launch was twofold:

1) it possessed no ethical sourcing credentials (Fairtrade, Rainforest Alliance, etc.)
2) they had it at Betty's (our local convenience store)

If they didn't have it at Betty's then it wasn't put on the site. If this grinds your goat and there's a bar you'd like to see on the site then let us know by suggesting a bar »

Should I tell my friends?

Yes, please tell everyone. The more votes the better. Share it on all the social medias.

Can I vote by post?

Yes. Send your postcards to Swerve Concepts Ltd, Unit 2C, The Plough Brewery, SW8 3JX.

Can I vote for more than one bar?

Yes, indeed. There is nothing stopping you buying lots of different chocolate bars as part of your healthy, well-balanced diet. For this reason we think you should be able to vote for all the chocolate bars.

I don't live in the UK

We're based in the UK but would love to expand across the globe. If you are interested in becoming a Make it Fair Trade Pioneer in a foreign land please pop us an email at info@swerveconcepts.com

Do you use cookies?

We use cookies but prefer chocolate bars. Woosh.

Why is Turkish Delight on there?

Everyone we've ever known is as bemused as we are how that shiny pink packet of despair is still in existence. If you vote for Turkish Delight we want to find out more about you, what makes you tick, and then do some tests.

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